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More and more I see and hear things that say humanity in general is going in a bad direction. Things are very slowly falling apart. I see broken homes, crime, sickness and disease, the decay of morality. I’ve heard intelligent people who study and observe society say that there are many things that are failing, and if it keeps up it won’t be long before the current structure crumbles. Sometimes I wonder how future generations are even going to handle anything.

But among all these things I find a serious lack of something. There is something that we don’t talk about or address, and because of this we actually perpetuate current problems and create new ones.

We have factored out God.

Humanity goes to very bad places without God. The more people decide, act like, and think that God isn’t real, the worse things will get. Without God you really have no reason for existence; despite your complexity, you are just a cosmic accident.

But even Christians factor out God. We run around thinking about all the evil in the world and wonder how we can help our children guard against and combat it. We worry and try to fix it ourselves. Sometimes we just sit and say, “Well I guess I’ll just wait for Jesus, since He’ll certainly be coming back very soon.” Is that last one really the best factoring in of God we can do?

God never loses control of any part of the universe at any time. He made it and He still looks after it. He made us and loves us, so He certainly still looks after us. Move your focus. What you look at closely will fill your field of vision.

When you look at how bad things are, don’t forget to factor in God. When you see all the bad things running rampant and progressing towards destruction, look up and ask God what He’s doing and what He wants you doing to further that plan. God can very easily turn everything around! Just look in the Bible at all He did for the children of Israel! Look at all He did for individual people! Look at all He’s doing now!