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There are times in life where you will be at odds with a metaphysical wall. Maybe it came out of nowhere and you ran face-first into it. Maybe you’ve been staring at it for a while and now you’ve finally come right up to it.

There are times in your life when God will tell you that this wall means to go another way. Sometimes He will tell you to wait there for a bit before He reveals your next step. Other times He will build a door into the wall. There will be times when God just breaks the wall for you. Yet at other times, God will tell you to go through it.

What is on the other side of this wall? If God told you to go through, rest assured that what is there is very good. Maybe you can see what’s on the other side. Maybe you can’t. But whatever good God has for you, you can’t and won’t get through this wall without God’s help, and you can’t and won’t get through without going forward by faith. If you are going to go through this wall, you have to start going towards it. If you are going to go through this wall, you can’t stop once you reach the wall. If you are going to go through this wall, you must think, look, and go beyond it.

Go forward by faith, look past the obstacle, and be assured that you are empowered by the powerful God who said you can go through this wall, whether or not you can see the beauty and goodness on the other side!

I’ve written about going through an obstacle before in the first few paragraphs ofPhysical to Abstract,” if you want to read it.