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People are all different. There is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to general behavior. Individuals have actions and behaviors that are normal for them, but not normal for someone else with different actions and behaviors. You can find an “average,” but that only takes all of the behaviors and “evens them out” so you can see one general behavior. I suppose this goes with my last post on getting to know people.

When getting to know people, you will probably find that people with common interests and behaviors tend to group together. That’s good, but not when a group begins to exclude and even shun others that are not just like them. A lot of the time you will find that someone doesn’t fit in with a certain group. You may find that they don’t seem to fit into any group. Maybe this person is you.

While it is good to have people with which to share your interests, sometimes the point isn’t to “fit in.” Sometimes the point is change in the people around you. But let God do the changing. Don’t change them into you or into something that you want. Not everyone fits into your mold, because you don’t have one. There are no molds. Everyone is created and sculpted free-hand by God Himself. While we have similarities, we aren’t supposed to be exactly the same. We are meant to be different so that we can help each other. If someone isn’t good at something, someone else can help because they are good at that thing. If someone lacks, another may have what is lacking.

The point is not to make yourself fit in. The point is to be who God created you to be and to find common ground with others, regardless of how different you are. The point is to let God change people, maybe sometimes using you. God made us humans to work together for His glory. If everyone knew and performed this, we wouldn’t have problems with “fitting in,” because we would all be in a spacious area with the only “restraints” being a protective outer boundary that God put there for our safety.

Be who you are. But remember, no one knows who you are better than the God who created you. Don’t try to make yourself fit where you obviously can’t. You are made to be more than what others can say or think. You are made to be more than what even you can say or think.