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Sometimes during the day I’ll notice I’m tired, or that I can’t quite focus on a task. Then I realize I’m actually hungry, so I eat something. After that I feel energized and I am more able to focus.

Prayer and Bible reading work the same way. Sometimes I’ll notice I feel spiritually fatigued, or that I can’t figure out where or how to focus. So I pray and read the Bible, and then feel much better and gain the correct perspective.

But eating, praying, and reading the Bible aren’t just things you do only once in a while. Just like we need to eat regularly, we need to talk with God and read His Words regularly. Just like the body needs food to function properly, the spirit needs time with God to function properly. Just like the body needs a little snack from time to time, the spirit needs a little extra time with God.

Be sure you don’t just sporadically eat snacks. Nourish your whole being regularly.