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When you get saved by believing in Jesus and surrendering to His lordship over your life, you are also believing and trusting Him for the safety of your eternal soul. For whatever reason we Christians have no problem trusting Jesus with our eternal souls, but we have several problems trusting Him for today.

Personally I find that when I can do nothing to help myself or someone else, I find it easier to trust God to handle things. But when I feel that I can do something, I find it more difficult to back off or let go. I’m learning that God can and sometimes will handle things regardless of whether or not I can.

God will balance your life lessons. He will allow situations in which you are completely helpless so you will learn that He can and will handle it because He loves you, so you can trust Him. He will allow situations that you can handle on your own. He will also allow situations that you can handle but He tells you not to, so you will learn to trust Him no matter what He says to you because He loves you.