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Jesus the Son of God came to earth as God’s gift of love to us, to save us from our sins. We like the way that sounds. It’s true, but I was thinking about how gifts work, especially this one.

When someone gives you a gift, it might be because they have to for Secret Santa, or because you’ve done something that they felt deserved a gift. But the best kinds of gifts are ones you didn’t do anything to receive and that you didn’t expect. This last kind is the kind that God gave us.

We don’t deserve Jesus as a gift. We absolutely and totally, in all actuality, DO NOT deserve Jesus. We could never do anything to deserve Jesus. Most of us don’t even expect Jesus either. Why should we?

But God loves us anyway. Because He wants to. Because He is good and because He is love. So Jesus came to save us from the sins. Jesus came to live the perfect life that we should have but we cannot. Jesus came to take the punishment that belongs to us. Jesus came to die and rise again to seal God’s deal so we could have a place in Heaven with Him.

Jesus is the best gift we’ve ever been offered. Jesus is the most valuable gift we’ve ever been offered. Jesus is the most convicting gift we’ve ever been offered.