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It’s Vacation Bible School week! I love seeing how much fun the kids have every year. Today was only the first day, and we’re already having a blast! It got me thinking about the way kids look at and experience things, especially the youngest ones. Everything is all so new and amazing! And hearing about Jesus? That’s just awesome!

Then I started thinking about how sometimes I lose my wonder and excitement. Jesus is always awesome and amazing, but sometimes I just don’t think about that because I’m so used to hearing about Him and what He has done. It’s important to talk to God about keeping things fresh, otherwise you might forget just how great God’s wonders are! I can try to freshen things up on my own, but that usually falls flat and short, and it doesn’t usually last long. God is the one who always brings something newly wondrous to me when I lose my wonder. God is the one who makes things come alive in a different way whenever I need it and look for it!