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Once again, the two and three year old class has brought smiles and laughs. While learning about Joseph and his coat of many colors, the kids learned about Joseph’s dreams.

“Brothers!” Joseph said. “I had a dream. We were in the field, and we each had a sheaf. Then all your sheaves bowed down to mine.”

Joseph’s brothers were angry. “So you think you’re going to be so important? You’re not more important than us! You’re not going to be a king!”

So then one of the girls said, “Some day I’m going to be a king.”

I was the only one who heard the next statement. One of the boys, quietly and as if the prophets had spoken, said, “Some day, I’m going to be a Ninja Turtle.”

Watch out, everyone. Some day, there will be a Ninja Turtle in our midst!

Personally, though, I’m waiting to see if he’ll become a singer. That boy can carry a tune! But we’ll wait and see how God leads him. Maybe he’ll be a ninja, even if he isn’t a turtle.