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Just last week one of the kiddos that I’ve had the privilege to teach said something adorable and thought-provoking.

Every Wednesday, I play piano for the 2-4 year old classes while they sing songs for Jesus. Sometimes we have to remind the kids that Jesus is the reason they are singing. We often ask our little information-sponges what the songs mean, and explain if they don’t know. On one such occasion, we had a deep discussion.

One of the teachers was explaining to the kids that it is important for them to learn about Jesus. One day they will be the adults and will teach their own children. “One day, the adults you know now won’t be here.” She named the individual teachers in the room, saying that we would each die some day. Out of all the names mentioned, mine must have been fairly important for one of the little boys. He spoke up. As if he thought my mortality was an unbelievable idea, he asked, “Miss Skyla’s gonna die?”

The teachers all exchanged glances as we tried not to ruin the teaching moment. I smiled behind the piano and tried not to chuckle. But I also had a thought.

We think this way about some people in our own lives, don’t we? There are some people that you just can’t imagine ever dying. Surely they’ll live forever. After all, they’ve made it this far.

But we all die. But also, that is okay.

Death is okay when you know Jesus. Death is okay when you know it isn’t permanent. Death is okay when you know it is a defeated foe. God has conquered and defeated death! When you are in Christ Jesus, death is only sleep. When you are in Christ Jesus, those who are “dead” have only gone home before you have. You’ll be along later, God’s just got some work for you to finish up!