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I figured I’d share some of my notes again.

Just because someone isn’t doing their job is no excuse for you not to do yours.

You don’t have to prove others wrong to do what you know is right.

When Abraham was “bargaining” with God in Genesis 18, it wasn’t about changing God’s mind, it was about Abraham getting to see just how loving and merciful God is. God was willing to spare a wicked city that deserved destruction if He found just ten righteous there.

The people in the Bible had struggles, too. They are not stained-glass saints that didn’t struggle like we do.

Sometimes just the way we are is not the way we ought to be.

“God’s word will not return void” doesn’t mean that a person will always respond favorably; people will accept it or not, and there are consequences either way. Those consequences are what it means for God’s word not to return void.

Sometimes having faith isn’t standing resolute, sometimes it is being afraid with your knees knocking together but going in God’s direction anyway.