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It seems odd to me that I should talk so much about gardening metaphors when I’ve not done much gardening in my life (see links at the bottom of this post). I helped plant and grow a few flowers once as a child. The most I’ve done recently is kept a pre-potted set of houseplants alive and some green onions growing in a cup, and both only by watering. But I have more metaphors anyway, mostly from my pastor who actually does some gardening.

It’s easier to start a garden than to maintain it.

Starting a garden is easy and fun. You dig, you plant the seeds, and you stand back and look at your good work. But then comes the hard part. Here come the weeds. Things need to be watered. You need to keep the plants from getting eaten.

Life can be like this. It’s easy to be excited about a fresh start, but we so often begin to neglect the maintenance that keeps us where we need to be.

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