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Just glancing at someone might tell you a little bit about them, or it may tell you absolutely nothing. You never know what a going on inside someone at any given moment. Get to know someone.

By “get to know someone,” I mean really spend some time with them. Get to be friends. Just knowing someone casually for a little while won’t tell you everything. Some people may at first appear kind, caring, polite, and wonderful, but after a while you’ll find out if that’s how they really are all the time. Some people may at first appear grumpy and boring at first, but you may find that they only look that way because of their resting face.

There is so much variety in people everywhere! Even if people can be “grouped” into certain general categories, no two people are alike. Get a room full of a certain personality group and find out a few things about the people there. You will find a variety of personalities within the general personality. Really, there will be variety in any room full of any kind of personalities. I could sit here and list different combinations of personality and character traits, but that gets very complex. Besides, you already know people. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Still, you should go get to know people, and get to know them better. You will find some precious gems out there. Maybe even a secret genius. You may find some good friends. They’ll have a variety of traits, but they will all be endearing.