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Once upon a time there was a dragon. She was a kind dragon, though a foolish one. The King of the realm had given her treasures and gifts to share with the people around her, but she had not shared much. Though upon giving the gifts the King had commanded that the dragon share, the foolish dragon simply sat on the treasure and slept.

Once in a while the King would send someone to the dragon to tell and remind her to get up and share. This would stir the dragon and she would get up for a little while to share, but she would soon go back to sleep, giving only when someone asked and not generously as the King had given to her.

So the King sent a brash young man to the dragon. This man went straight into the dragon’s lair, without hesitation or armor! He only carried a sword and a shield. However the shield was only for making noise by clashing it and the sword together, which the man did as loudly as he could while shouting at the top of his high-capacity lungs.

“Wake up!” the man shouted. “You have vast treasure from the King, and He has commanded you to share!”

The dragon stirred. The man kept making his vociferous din. The dragon halfway opened her eyes and looked at the man, wondering what kind of fool he was and what he wanted. He tossed aside the shield and ran straight up to the dragon. With all his might he struck her with the flat of his sword. “WAKE UP!”

The dragon was quite awakened now. She was very perturbed and rather annoyed. But then she realized what the man was saying to her. She knew he was right, and so knew better than to be angry.

“I know the King has told me to share,” the dragon said quietly as she looked at the ground.

“So get up and share!” the man said. “Wake up fully, get up, and stay that way! There are so many people that the King means to bless with this treasure!”

The dragon looked sad and turned her head from the man. She was upset, but only with herself. She knew what she had done, and she knew she had no excuse. So the dragon went to the King and with many tears begged His forgiveness.

The King did forgive the dragon, and He let her keep all the treasure to share. And share she did. She left her treasure openly accessible to the King and to the people around her. She gave generously to others, for treasure had been generously given to her. And she refused to go back to sleep this time.