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So far I am still loving the ladies’ Bible study! This last session we learned about being girded with truth and having a strong core.

Being girded implies wearing a belt. It can also imply the tucking of a long robe into the belt so the wearer can run with agility and without tripping. Being girded with truth means tucking up and away all the things that can trip you. You tuck your distractions into the belt of God’s truth so you can run and fight in with Him in His army. The battle wages every day!

This Belt of Truth is also made to help you stand stronger. It supports your core. Spiritually, and much like your physical body, you need a strong core to be able to stand upright and to do so for long periods of time. Being girded with the truth strengthens your core so you can stand upright and wear the rest of the armor. Having a strong core also helps strengthen the rest of you, since your core won’t be a weak connection between the rest of your limbs. Much like having a good physical core, a good spiritual core keeps you balanced – you are less likely to fall over.

So that’s the summary I wanted to share about the core piece of armor. I’ll keep posting as we get to more pieces in Bible study, and as the little kids keep learning. This has been a sudden and unexpected series. I like it!