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Anything worthwhile is going to need some time spent on and for it. Time is certainly not the only thing you will spend. You’ll spend physical effort and resources as well. But don’t forget that no matter how much you do, you must do it consistently over time.

A garden does not grow instantly or even overnight. Do you want produce? Give it time.

It’s rare to catch a fish immediately when you let down your fishing line. Do you want to catch a fish? Give it time.

You can’t become a virtuoso overnight, or even after one practice session. You’ll need at least several. Do you want to play or sing better? Give it time.

Not many houses are built in a single day. There are a lot of things that need to settle or dry before you can move on to the next step. Do you want a new house? Give it time.

Working hard doesn’t always pay off big immediately. Do you want resources for your future and the future of your children? Give it time.

Not everyone who hears about Jesus for the first time is going to get saved right then. The Gospel is a seed that grows with varying speeds. Give it time.

Spiritual maturity is a lifelong effort, though you can often track your progress. Do you want to grow in the things of God? Give it time.