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I started this post by looking for Bible verses that say “give thanks.” There are a lot, and those aren’t even all the verses that talk about thankfulness!

I started with Psalm 18:49. In the context of this verse, David is thanking God for victories and occasions of deliverance. He is praising God for supporting him and for being strong and good. Upon reading other Psalms I noticed that thanking God and praising Him are things that are done together. When you consider thankfulness to God, you realize that praising and thanking are so naturally inseparable and must be done together.

When you thank God for a gift, you also praise His goodness and love. When you praise God for blessing you, you also thank Him for His grace and kindness. Count your blessings. Acknowledge your deliverance. Make known the victories God has given.

In short, always be thankful and full of praise to God. Happy Thanksgiving!