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When God calls you to His work, sometimes He calls you to give up some things. But when you think about it, when you’re doing God’s work you’re really gaining, so whatever you’ve given up isn’t really giving up.

I’m not just talking about the riches you gain in Heaven later on, I also mean the goodness you get and the goodness that happens while you’re doing God’s work. A while back there were a few things that were said at my dad’s ordination and then during church service the next day that made me think about this. One of the preachers speaking at the ordination mentioned some things my dad had given up to move down to the area the church was at to become their associate pastor. My dad later said he felt like he hadn’t really given up much of anything, and that he was happy to have come. He knows that wherever God puts you is the best place to be.

When you look at all you may have to give up for the cause of Christ, whether it seems like a lot or not, remember that God isn’t asking you ruin your life, He’s calling you to better things. For Biblical examples you can look at a lot of Biblical figures. I’d suggest starting with the life and letters of Paul. He had plenty to say about giving things up and gaining for Jesus.