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When you give to God, you are really giving back to Him what is already His. He made it, He owns it. I’m not talking just about tithing your money.

Give your time to God. Spend time doing things for God and preparing yourself for what else God may have you do.

Give your talent to God. He gave you special abilities for a reason. Use them for His honor and glory.

Give your treasure to God. The most obvious application is money, but there is more to treasure than money. Use your stuff, things, possessions, for God as well.

Give yourself to God. If you are saved, you’ve done this already. But do you live like it? We have a tendency to say we’ve given something to God, but we don’t live like it. We keep pieces to ourselves, and that’s not how it works. God saved you – your whole being, soul, spirit, and body. God saved your whole life. God gave His Son for you. So if you’re worried about giving too much, don’t. You can’t out-give God.