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Sometimes we can feel like God owes us one. We’ve listened, we’ve been obedient, we’ve done the right things, so we feel like we should get something for good behavior. Sometimes we’ve got something difficult going on and just want it to go away. We feel like it shouldn’t even be happening in the first place, considering we’ve been doing so well.

But we cannot put God in debt to us. God created us, and then He did all the work necessary for the cancellation of our sin debt, and then He gave us the option of full access to Himself, so anything good we do is merely a drop in the bucket in return.

We can’t put God in debt to us, but God doesn’t lord our debt over our heads. He knows we can’t repay Him, yet He is still generous and continually giving! Just because we have some difficult things happening doesn’t mean God isn’t giving. It’s in the hard times that we can most see His generosity! God gives us help, strength, hope, patience, and grace for all our troubles!