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In the Bible God used many people, most of whom were not considered very important until He got a hold of them. Let’s dwell for a few minutes on who God has used in the Bible, and since He is the same God it will give us an idea of who He still uses today.

When you think about it, a good portion of the Bible was written by murderers. A few examples: Moses killed a man in anger and ran away from Egypt; David sent a man to die to save his reputation for what he did with that man’s wife; Paul made sure as many Christians as possible were dead. But God changed their lives and they were His willing servants.

We think of these as godly men, or at least people who had a good chance once God had them. But God will even use people that we thought for sure wouldn’t be on the list. In Genesis, a king that Abraham thought would kill him for his wife actually rebuked him for lying that his wife was his sister. In Genesis and Daniel, God gave pagan kings dreams of the future for His chosen men to interpret. In the Gospels, Jesus chose common men to be His disciples and even chose a tax collector, a zealot, and a future traitor. In Acts, Paul was in the middle of a journey to hunt down Christians when he became one.

You can go look around more in the Bible for other examples of unlikely people that God used. God can use even evil rulers, and you can look in the Bible and other historical references to see that God can and will use the powers that be for His good purposes.

Now what about our own lives? You never know, God may just be moving in the life of someone you don’t like.