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Yesterday my church had a send-off fellowship for a man and his family. While he, his wife, and their children are greatly loved and appreciated here, God has called him to serve in a different church. This man and his wife are leaving some important positions open behind them, but that’s okay because God has called them. We don’t currently know who will fill these positions, but God has opened them for a reason.

In this change, I see more about how God controls change. God sets up, takes down, and moves whatever and whoever He wants, and He knows exactly what He’s doing the whole time. Change is not bad if God is in it. In this instance, one family and two churches are changing. Considering that God is at work here, there are a lot more things changing that I don’t see. But whatever happens with everyone, that’s God’s business, and it is good.

God is good and knows what He’s doing. Even if you are unsure what is going to happen, just know and trust that God has it all under control. Since He stands outside of time, He can see the change before it happens, while it happens, and after it is done. Since He controls the change, you don’t have to worry about taking control of all the variables yourself. Just do what God told you to do, how He told you to do it, in the place He told you to do it.

God controls change. He changes things and people because He wants them to change. He changes things and people because it is good for them to change. God never changes anything without a good purpose.