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Do you remember the man I talked about in the post “Why Them?“? He has recently passed away from cancer. But his family and friends are taking comfort in God’s purpose, whatever it may be. God works all things together for good for His children (Romans 8:28). God did not get busy and forget about this man. God knows what He’s doing, and He has good reason for bringing this man home, even if we never know why.

This man knew where he was going when he died. While he hoped for healing, he knew that if he died he was merely changing location, and he would no longer be plagued and pained by his disease. He often encouraged his friends with his words. He knew he would be in Heaven with Jesus. On social media, one of this man’s friends posted some words that he had left on what he thought about leaving. While it didn’t feel good to be sick, he knew he would just be hurried on to a “wonderful, unspeakably beautiful place.”

A lot of people consider this man to be a great man. But he would tell you that the only great thing about him was Christ Jesus. It wasn’t anything he did or any ministry he had, it was only Jesus. He lived well because of Jesus.

Please pray for this man’s wife and family. They will grieve and God will comfort, yet it is still very hard to lose someone so close that you love so much.