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One day I was watching a documentary on the universe and its existence. It questioned everything’s origin, and explained it using matter, energy, space, and time.

After explaining about matter, energy, and space, time was discussed. The conclusion was that at one point there was no time, so God could not have created the universe because there was no time in which He could create.

“You fool!” I quietly said. It was not derogatory, but filled with concern. “God invented everything you just talked about!”

I know that no one heard what I said next, but I think someone should. So here it is.

“The Creator of matter, do you think He is made of it? The Creator of energy, do you think He uses or is measured by it? The Creator of space, do you think He can be contained in it? The Creator of time itself, do you think He has an age?”

God is self-existent. He is not dependent on anything else for His existence. He created all other existence. There was nothing but God, and then He decided He was going to make something. Then things got really exciting!

Sometimes I like to use the word “invent” instead of “create,” because it gets another idea across. God invented matter. God invented energy. God invented space. God invented time.

The universe and all of its laws, God invented it!