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God knows His servants no matter how obscure they are. Even if you work where no one else notices, God notices. You are not obscure to God. God knows, God sees, God cares.

When it feels like you are doing nothing useful, remember why you are doing it. God puts His servants in strategic places. Even if you or others can’t see the need or the fulfillment of it, that doesn’t mean you’re doing something useless. When God sends you to do something and you know it is God, then, whatever the work, it is not useless.

When you feel most discouraged and you ask God if you should still be doing this, God will send you some encouragement. It may be words from someone else who does the same thing in a different place. It may be help from someone coming to where you’re working. It may be a Scripture in your regular reading that pops out like it hadn’t before. It may be that God will speak to you through or in a dream. It may be that God will speak directly to your heart in your prayers. It may very easily be something I can’t imagine.

But what if no one notices my service? That’s okay. God doesn’t call people to be seen, He calls them to be faithful. You’re not doing this for anyone else’s approval. This is for God, and He knows, sees, and cares about it. That’s why He put you here.

But what if no one comes to help? That’s okay. God equips those He calls, and gives us strength to accomplish what He’s called us to do. This is done in God’s strength, not yours. God knows when to bring help and what kind is needed. Yes, you are serving and participating here, but remember this is God’s work, not yours. He knows how to take care of it and you.

God’s plan will be accomplished with or without us, but God lets us join in! When God calls you to serve and participate, realize what a blessing and honor it is. Lovingly obey God’s direction and humbly accept God’s assignment. You may not feel qualified, but if God calls you that means He has qualified you. Just be faithful.

God knows. God sees. God cares.