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This is something that I had on my laptop. I wrote it a couple years ago and decided that I should share it now. The rest of this post is what I had written.

(Monday, July 15, 2013) Babies, children, in Heaven… This has been a thought in my mind. It seems like it should be a dream, but it wasn’t. It is a conscious, waking thought. I will put it here and flesh it out, expand on it so I may explain my thoughts.

I pictured in my mind a sitting figure. It was God or Jesus. Since they are both the same, I’m not sure it really matters which it was. A child walked up to Him and smiled. The child reached up his arms to be held, and God picked up the child and set him in His lap. The child settled himself and asked a question.

“Abba, I came here before I was born. What would I have been if I wasn’t here so soon?”

God lovingly looked at the child, hugged him close, and said, “Only I will know that, dear one. Others may think about what you might have been, who you might have become, but only I will know.”

The child leaned his head back to look at God’s face. “I like it very much here, but why did I come here so soon, Abba?”

With a saddened expression on His face, God explained to the child. “You are here because someone did not want you. You were My gift to them despite what they had done, but they refused you.”

“So I was not wanted by anyone?” the child asked with a pure and innocent expression.

“Oh, dear child!” God said as He hugged the child closer. “I have always wanted you. That is why I created your soul, and breathed your spirit into being.”

The child smiled as he held his head close to God’s shoulder. He stayed that way for a few moments, and God lovingly rested His chin on the child’s head.

“Abba,” the child said at length, “what about the other children who came before they were born? Did they all come here because only You wanted them?”

God lifted His head and looked down at the child’s upturned face. “Not all of them,” He replied. “Some came here because I was the only one who would take them. Some came here because others could not help them in time. Some came here for reasons only I will know, even though their earthly mommy and daddy loved them dearly even before they were born.”

Another child walked up just then and asked, “Which one am I, Abba?”

God held out His arm, inviting the other child to sit with Him. The child walked to Him, and God lifted her onto His other knee.

“You, dear one, are here because I have a special plan for your earthly mommy and daddy,” God said to her. “They have asked Me for peace and comfort, and because I love them I am giving those to them.” God leaned His head closer between the two children and whispered to both of them, “They do not know it yet, but I have a very special purpose for them that can only be accomplished in this way. If they continue to trust Me as they have, I have many blessings and gifts to give them!”

The two children smiled at God and then at each other. Then the first child asked another question.

“Abba, do you have a plan for my earthly mommy and daddy, too?”

“Yes, little one, I do have a plan,” God replied.

“What is it?” the child asked eagerly.

“If they will let me, I will teach them of the sanctity of life, and much, much more. They have the potential to be great people for Me, but I will leave that decision up to them.”