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In my Bible reading recently I was in Matthew 6, where Jesus is talking about needs, praying, and the God to pray to who supplies your needs. In verse 7 Jesus says not to pray like the heathen or the pagans do, babbling on thinking they will be heard better because they’re talking so much. Jesus says God already knows what we need, so when we ask we don’t have to wonder if we’re being heard, we just need to ask. Later in verses 25-34, Jesus says again not to worry about your needs, since God knows them and will provide.

Later on I happened across something that told about a horrible ancient pagan practice of offering their children as a sacrifice to their gods, doing it so their gods would bless them with food, or rain for their food, and general prosperity. Essentially, they were sacrificing their own children because they got the idea they wouldn’t have what they needed if they didn’t do such horrible, cruel things. In the Bible we see God condemning such practices, and telling His people never to do such things (Leviticus 18:12). God does not need or want your children as a sacrifice in order to provide for you. He just wants you to seek Him, trust Him, and ask (Matthew 6:32-33).

God is the God who can be reached and talked with. He made Himself reachable and wants to hear us. God is compassionate, and wants to give to us. God has set the very earth up for us to be able to have what we need. Anything we can’t get but still need, God will provide. God loves His children better than a human parent can love their own children (Matthew 7:7-11; Luke 11:9-13).

We don’t need to be loud or repetitious for God to hear us. We don’t need to do anything horrifyingly drastic. If one of God’s children asks for something they need, of course He will give it!