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In my Bible reading this morning, I was reading Isaiah 40. In this chapter, God is letting His people know they can be comforted, that He Himself will save them. He is reminding them how powerful and incomparable He is, and that it is useless to try making some statue to worship. He is reminding them how things really work in His world, and how they should wait on Him.

When I came across verse 12 and read about God knowing the measure of all the earth’s dust, I thought about all the dust in the outside air lately, and how God knows where each particle of dust goes every time the wind blows – from its first place to every place it has been and will finally go – and how He has known this since the wind first started blowing dust.

Then I got to thinking about the rest of the verse and the other measures of the earth that God knows. Because God made everything and can keep track of it all, He knows every little detail! He knows how much water there is everywhere, even in places we can’t see or reach. He knows the measure and span of the sky, even the parts that we can’t see or reach in space. He knows how heavy the mountains and hills are, even in places we have not climbed or reached.

The rest of the chapter goes on to ask what you can compare to God. He’s so powerful and vast, that even the powers of nations and the vast numbers of people on earth are mere drops in a bucket, mere specks of dust. Even if you burned the forests of Lebanon, it wouldn’t be enough wood or animals to sacrifice as an offering. God knows more than anyone else ever will. God can do more than anyone else ever will.

God knows the unfathomable measures of the earth. God is of unfathomable measure Himself. He is the God of unfathomable measures.