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Have you met people who are so faithful to God and His will that you want to be like that? I have quite a few examples of faithful people that I know and respect, but I’m going to talk about some of the older ones in my church.

These silver-haired people put the younger age group to shame. Some of them have failing health, but they come to church as much as they can manage. Sometimes they come when it seems like they can’t manage. If I were to let anyone have an excuse for not feeling up to coming to church, it would be these lovely people. But they still show up. They bring their old, tired bones to church – in any and all weather sometimes! They come when some of the teenagers and young adults are still in bed.

I want to be like this. I have a good start, but I want to be so faithful to God that He will help me have the will to get up to church when I’m old and weak. I want to love God so much that I still serve Him as much as I am able, even if I had and “excuse” not to. I’m not sure how graceful I will be as I get old, or what my health will end up like, but I want to be like the wonderful people I see in church. By God’s grace, I will. I want to be faithful to feed my spirit so I am strong enough to feed another. I want to serve anywhere God tells me to for as long as He allows.