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God can use tactics or instructions that make sense to us, but He often does not. God can use a certain tactic or instruction more than once, but He usually does not. He always acts in line with who He is and how He has revealed Himself to us in His Word, but God is infinitely more creative than we are. Let’s take His battle strategies as an example.

Once God told His people to march around a city for a week and then blow trumpets and shout. They did what God said and won. (Joshua 6:2-16, 20)

Once God whittled down an army to three hundred men and told them to go with that. They did what God said and won. (Judges 7:2-7, 16-22)

Once David asked God if he should go battle the Philistines. God told Him to go. The very next time David wisely asked again. God gave Him different instructions. Both times David did what God said and won. (1 Chronicles 14:9-16)

Go study the Bible and find more examples. Think about what’s happened in your own life or the life of someone you know. And please do share what you learn!