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There are quite a few fun facts about everything in existence that make me think about how enormously creative God is. All the intricacies working together for the perfect balance… Ooo! It’s so good! I can’t list all the things that are wonderful, but I’ll pick out a few.

The air we breathe is a blend of nitrogen, oxygen, with a little argon, carbon dioxide, and a few other gases. It’s the perfect blend for us to breathe and for everything to exist without suffocating, rapidly deteriorating, or spontaneously catching on fire.

Your DNA is essentially written information on how to build your body, just in biological and chemical form. Your cells can read it and know what to do with the instructions, even knowing when not to use certain parts when those parts aren’t necessary. Think about a baby forming in the womb. Each group of cells knows what body part it is supposed to grow into!

As long as at least half of your liver is intact, you can grow it back if part of it is removed. This is quite helpful for organ donations or if you have part of a cancerous or infected liver removed.

On the same topic, we can donate organs, blood, and other body tissues to each other! We aren’t all the same, but some of us are similar enough to share parts of our bodies with someone who has a problem with theirs, making their healing possible!

The sun is the perfect distance away from the earth. It doesn’t even take much movement any closer or farther for it to become a problem, either too cold or too hot.

Our planet is situated in a place where we can see quite a bit of our galaxy, and even other galaxies. There are some planets surrounded by so many stars that if you were to try looking beyond them you wouldn’t be able to do so. It seems God wants us to see how big, vast, varied, and perfectly measured He can make things.

The laws of thermodynamics and other physical laws tell us that something does not come from nothing, and order does not come from chaos. If something physical exists it doesn’t exist on its own, meaning it is not self-existent so it had to come from something, someone, or somewhere else. If you want order you need an outside force to act, meaning if the universe suddenly came into existence, someone or something would have to order the chaos or nothing useful or conducive to life would happen.

While cells are vastly smaller than the machines we can build, cells are also vastly more complex than those machines. On top of that they are made of atoms, which are even smaller and also have functions of their own! What detail!