God’s Healing

I’ve known this, but this past Sunday I have received some more perspective on it.

God can heal anything and everything. But He does not always do so.

Some would take advantage of “God can heal anything” by saying He will heal everything all the time. As long as you give them money.

Some say miracles don’t happen anymore and that God doesn’t heal, or at least not anywhere near as much.

But both of those stances put God in a box.

God can and does heal, and has His reasons for doing so. Look at all the healing God has done in the Bible, and even today. The blind have received sight, the crippled have been made whole, the deaf have heard sound, the sick have been healed!

But sometimes God does not heal. However He does help and guide people through their pains. He has His reasons for this also. There are many instances in the Bible and today where God does not heal someone. Not all the blind have received sight, not all the crippled have been made whole, not all of the deaf can hear sound, not all of the sick have been healed.

Take a look at 2 Kings 20:1-5; Luke 5:18-26; John 11:4 & 39-45; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. In all these instances, whether God healed or not it was for His glory.

Whether God heals you or not, something good will come of it, and it will be for God’s glory.

Whether God heals your loved one or not, something good will come of it, and it will be for God’s glory.

God heals or not, according to His good will and for His great glory.

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