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We Christians talk a lot about how a good father shows us what God’s love is like, but often we don’t talk about how good mothers show us God’s love in ways just as important.

Mothers take great pains and go to great lengths to protect their children, often putting their own needs and desires aside for the children. Mothers would sacrifice themselves to be sure their children live. They are always there to nurture, care for, and love them, no matter how old. They are sensitive to their children’s needs and see to them right away. They teach and show their children how life is lived, sometimes even without realizing it. They are near boundlessly patient, even and especially when teaching a child how to do things and how to behave. They display wonderful aspects of unconditional love. In fulfilling her beautiful, God-given role, a mother can point her children to God and show them part of what His love looks like.

God’s love takes great pains to protect us. He made the greatest sacrifice in Jesus to be sure we could have a chance at life. God is always there to nurture, care for, and love us, no matter how old. He is sensitive to our needs and sees to them right when we need them, even if we think He’s taking a while. He teaches and shows us how life is lived, through the Bible, through the example of Jesus, through the lives of others, and through situations in our own lives. He is boundlessly patient, letting us try again even when we don’t learn the first time – or first several times. His love is unconditional.

God put pieces of a picture of Himself in a mother’s relationship to her children, and they are wondrously beautiful pictures! Take a look at some good mothers and see what parallels you can find.

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