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The auditorium piano at my church has recently needed a new string, and thinking about it this morning has made me think of a few church member metaphors. I would like to thank God for giving me the ideas.

The piano has two strings for the note that that particular key plays. It doesn’t sound the same with one string. You get a more complete, well-rounded sound with two than with one alone, much like a church ministry needs more than one person working within it for full effectiveness.

The string that replaced the old one is new, so it needs time to stretch. It needs tuning more often than the other strings for now, like someone new to a ministry might need some early stretching and tuning.

When that string is stretched between the times it is tuned, it doesn’t sound quite right until it gets re-tuned. We have a rubber wedge to put between strings so that one won’t sound for a little while, but that doesn’t fix the problem. Putting a wedge between church members doesn’t help anything that a tune-up from God will correct.

All the strings need re-tuning sometimes. Just like the environment around and inside a piano can change, things happen around us, and this puts us a little out of tune sometimes.

You and I don’t play the piano, God does. We’re the strings and God controls the keys and hammers that cause us to sound forth. You and I don’t tune the piano, God does. He has the master tuning forks and perfect pitch.