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I was teaching the Sunday School lesson to a class of one yesterday. She was a very quiet listener. I told her about Samuel, how he was born, how God spoke to him, and how God had a plan for him. I told her God has a plan for everyone. God has a plan for you, for me, for our parents and grandparents, and even for the people we don’t like. I told her that God has plans for us, and God’s plans are always good.

Sometimes we forget that God has a plan for us. Sometimes we choose not to cooperate in God’s plan. Sometimes we remember and somewhat cooperate, but we forget, as I told this dear child, that God’s plan is always good. God did not disregard who you are when He made this plan. He Himself made you, created you, so one might wonder: Was the plan made for me, or was I made for the plan? Perhaps it is both. Yet rest assured that God has a plan for you because He loves you!

Jeremiah 1:5 and 29:11; Psalm 71:6 and 139:13-16; Romans 8:28-30