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Recently I’ve been asking God to teach me how to hear His voice more clearly. It’s not that I can’t hear Him, but I want to be able to pick His voice out in a crowd, so to speak. In all the voices I hear every day including my own, I want to be able to pick up on God’s voice exactly as He begins speaking.

So I’ve been reading and studying the Bible, reading some commentary (pick the kind that agrees with the Bible!), and talking to God and to those who know about God’s voice. And it has come to my attention that I often expect God’s voice to come from outside of me. But because I am saved, God is inside me. I know God speaks outside of me, and I know the Holy Spirit inside me speaks, but it seems I had forgotten to put two and two together. God’s voice can come from outside me, and it can also come from inside me. Now that I realize this, my listening is different.