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I’ve been thinking about God’s voice a lot lately. A little while back I had some Bible reading in the book of Job, and had reached the point where God was answering out of the whirlwind! (Starting in chapter 39.) God was not very happy at this point, and I can only imagine what it’s like when God speaks to you out of the whirlwind! Then I thought of the time when God spoke to Elijah in 1 Kings 19:11-13. Here God’s voice was quiet, as it often is with many people. God doesn’t always raise His voice.

In light of these two Scripture passages, I thought about how sometimes we would like God to speak louder for us to hear Him. But I think sometimes He looks at us and says knowingly, “Little one, you don’t want me to raise My voice.”

I also noticed something about myself when I talk with God, and it was pointed out through a devotional. Sometimes I want God to tell me information. I go to God, ask a question, and expect an answer so I can move on with new knowledge. I want information, not a conversation. I want information, not a relationship. But that’s not how God works. He wants to converse. He wants a relationship. So sometimes He’ll step back and start to whisper so His child will come a little closer.

God speaks many different ways to many different people. In the Bible, He would sometimes speak audibly. But every time He speaks, God’s voice and words are extremely powerful. From the very beginning God has been using His voice. He called everything into existence simply by speaking!

God doesn’t use His voice only when He calls us to salvation. He has not stopped talking to us. Sometimes God doesn’t speak right when we want Him to. Sometimes He is waiting for the right time to speak His words to us. Regardless of when He chooses to speak, we just need to sit still and listen. We need to know the difference between our opinions and His. We need to learn to recognize our Shepherd’s voice, so no matter what is around us we can pick up His voice and follow Him.

If you want more, I have written before on God speaking inWhen God Is Silent”.