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A lot of people say, “I want to know God’s will,” but we don’t always really want to know. We’re afraid we won’t like it or that we won’t be able to do it. But God’s will is always the best thing, so we can like it. And God will never call us to do something that He won’t also equip us and help us to accomplish.

If you want really to know God’s will, you’ll be willing to do whatever it is, even if you’re afraid you won’t like it, and even if you’re afraid someone else won’t like it. But before that, you’ll be already doing what God has already revealed. A lot of us want to know what God wants us to do specifically for the future. But if we’re not already doing what God has revealed to everyone in His Word, why would we think He’d tell us something else that we won’t listen to?

If I’m not telling people about Jesus as directed in the Great Commission, if I’m not living a pure life, if I’m not doing what God has already very plainly laid out in the Bible, then I’m not listening to Him. And if I’m not listening, then what makes me think He should tell me anything else? What makes me think I’d even hear Him?