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Throughout the Bible we see stories of people’s lives ending for good. Good triumphs over evil. Even when it looks like evil has the upper hand, good always wins. In life today good still wins. At the end of the Bible we see in the future that good will have the final triumph over evil, good will have the last word. And boy, we humans love telling stories and talking about good prevailing over evil, too! Be it in books, movies, songs, poems, plays, everyday conversations, and whatever else, we humans just know that if things aren’t good right now, they must not be over.

That last part is just so interesting to me. We humans have an innate knowledge that things are supposed to get better. We instinctively hold on for better times, hanging onto hope, and rejoicing when the good comes! Even in our most hopeless times, we humans have a tendency to stick it out for when things get better.

God put this knowledge and instinct there. Isn’t that great? God gave us the ability to hang in there, to hold on tight for that which is to come! We Christians can especially hold on, since we know that God is the One who makes all things right in the end, that He is deeply involved in our lives, and that we can go directly to Him for help whenever we need it!

God is good. He is the One who wins in the end, the One who sets all things right, and He wants us all to be there on His side with Him! Whenever things get tough, go to the One who gave you the ability to hang on, and you’ll find out just how much He can hang on to you!

It might be dark now, but remember there is a sunrise! And though the sun may set again in this life, when God sets things right there will be a sunrise that never goes dim!

If things aren’t good right now, then things aren’t over.