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The 2 and 3 year old class combined with the 4 and 5 year old class last night. We learned about God being our Good Shepherd, and the kids are learning to say Psalm 23. They’re on verse 2. When it came time to recite this verse, there were variations on the wording.

“He makef me a lie down in gween pashures, he yeadef my a still watews.”

“‘E makess me to lie down in geen pastas, he leadess me aside a still waters.”

It was adorable.

Later on, they each got to choose a piece of candy for saying their verses. But they didn’t get to eat it yet. They were going to take it home since the snack for the night was going to be sugary, and you don’t want to give small children too much sugar. Trust me.

At this point one of the boys says, “That’s okay, I can have sugar. I’m on a special diet.”

This boy is the stinker of the class. He’s funny.

If you ever wondered, this is some of what can go on in a class full of small children!