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I was watching some children earlier, and my goodness do they love cookies! They love them so much, that they like to have at least two, but preferably as many as they can hold in both hands. Sometimes they’ll want more cookies even if they already have one that they are still eating.

Most of the children were like this today. One reached for another cookie while still holding and chewing on one. So I said, “You don’t have to have both hands full to have enough.” Then I had a moment and thought about how that’s true in life. Just because you don’t have more than what you currently have doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have enough.

Now that I’m thinking about it, when you get your hands full of too many cookies you can’t even enjoy them because you have difficulty putting them in your mouth. One hand full is enough. Two hands full is plenty. Both hands very full might be a little too much for you. In some cases you might need to put some cookies down, or better yet share them. Whatever the case, be sure to thank the God who gave you the cookies, and let Him direct you in how to bless other people with them.