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I would like to talk about what it really means to prosper with your faith. Rarely does it ever mean physical gain. It always has to do with spiritual gain, but hardly ever physical gain. Having faith does not guarantee physical wealth and health. Quite often, having faith means our physical wealth and health will be greatly challenged. But that’s another part of what exercises our faith, thereby increasing it.

There are missionaries out there that have nothing to provide for physical needs – absolutely nothing – for themselves or the people God has called them to serve, yet because they have faith, because they believe God will provide and they trust Him to do so, God provides them with exactly what they need right when they need it.

There were people in the Bible that went through horrible things in life (see Job, the apostles, and the early Christians for a few examples), but because they had faith, God took care of them through it all. Exercising their faith strengthened them spiritually.

There are Christians in the world that are persecuted and martyred, just like the ones we read about in the Bible and in historical accounts of early Christianity. Exercising their faith has prospered them spiritually.

God always rewards faith. Sometimes a few of those rewards come in this life, but the majority of them will come in the next one. Suffering doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no faith. Sometimes it’s a sign that you do have it. Lacking wealth or health doesn’t mean you aren’t prospering, but having faith means you are prospering.

God is good. God will supply. Have faith and prosper.