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In my Bible reading in the past couple of days (1 Samuel 8-12) I have read about how the Israelites wanted a king over them like the other nations had. But God was their king. God had already done so much for them. He brought them out of Egypt, He delivered them from their enemies when they repented of their idolatry, He kept them as a special people for Himself. They had rejected Him multiple times, and each time they repented God took them back because of love. But after all that the people wanted a human king.

Samuel knew this was a bad idea. It was actually wrong. So he was upset. He talked with God about it. God responded and then told Samuel to warn them about what they were asking. Samuel did, but the people still wanted a human king. So Samuel talked with God again and God let the Israelites have it their way and gave them a king.

In summary, people were asking God for something when they already had what they needed and the best of it at that. They asked for it enough that God just let them have their own way so they would learn. When they fully realized that this was wrong, God didn’t take their king away from them, He left them with the consequences of their decision. But God still stayed with them and told them to continue following Him like He had told them before.

This is how God sometimes works with His children. If you continuously want something that God says you can’t have, He may just give you exactly what you want. If you make a decision that He tells you is wrong, He will leave you with the consequences of it. But the wonderful part is, He won’t leave you alone with the consequences! Just keep following Him. You’ll walk together through this.