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A lot of people will bring up things about the Bible that they know or have heard, either to support or to refute something another person is saying. But many have not actually read it.

When I was little I knew a lot about what was in the Bible because I’d been taught about it, but I hadn’t read it by myself yet. Now that I’ve been reading it myself for a long time, I’m very glad I do! As good as it is being taught about the Bible, there’s just so much more to be gotten out of it when you read it yourself!

It is very important for every Christian to read the Bible, the whole thing. We aren’t just saying something pretty when we call it God’s Word. These are actually words from God that He had people write down, and that He has preserved all these years. Yes, there are doctrinal parts that are more important to know than all the names in a genealogy or how many rams and bowls the leaders of each tribe of Israel brought to the dedication of the altar, but you still get a lot out of reading the whole Bible. While it might be a lot to take on at once, it’s easy to start small and work your way up. Whether you want to jump right in or start small, there are plenty of Bible reading plans you can find online.

Some of the things we think are in the Bible are not. Some things we don’t know about are in the Bible. The Bible also contains a lot of things we don’t fully understand yet.

On top of that, you find something new each time, so don’t stop reading just because you already did it once!