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Some say that time heals all wounds. Some say time heals nothing, it merely brings a scar and less pain. I say only the Great Physician can heal all wounds.

Does healing still take time? Yes. Anything worthwhile takes time. Will you still have a scar? That depends on the wound. But even a scar can be good.

God can heal any and all wounds, be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Sometimes He heals them as if they never happened, and sometimes He leaves a scar so you can remember something important. Either way, God is good and will heal you well and sufficiently.

So how does this work? How does one go about the healing process?

First, you actually need to go see the Physician. You tell Him what’s wrong. He’ll look at you with care. Then you’ll need to hold still while He dresses and bandages the wound. It will sting. It may even hurt quite badly. But God knows what He’s doing. You’ll be okay. He promised.

Now, no matter what type of wound you have (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), it will take time to heal. But you don’t have to sit there and worry about it. You don’t have to sit and concentrate really hard as if you have a super Jedi healing power. Just be sure that you see the Doctor regularly, that you do exactly what He said to do and not to do, and that you rest. Don’t do anything that would re-open the wound. And certainly don’t pick at the bandage or the wound! The feeling of the wound and the bandage will bother you a lot, but that’s all part of the process.

Sometimes you need to get re-bandaged. That’s okay. Some wounds require re-bandaging because they are so deep and will take more time to heal. Just keep regular appointments with the Doctor. Don’t skip any! Your health is important!

Over time, the wound will close up. Sometimes it disappears completely. Sometimes it forms a scar. But each result has its purpose.

When your wound heals without a scar, those who know that you had a wound (and may or may not have watched the healing process) will ask you about it. So you can tell them about how you were healed, and tell them about your Doctor. Who knows? They might need Him.

While we would often like all our wounds to disappear, sometimes we would forget something important if they did. Sometimes we have a scar for more than just us to see, and people who didn’t know you when you were wounded will ask questions. So then you can tell them about how you were healed, and recommend a Doctor for those who desperately need one.