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Sometimes we ask God to tell us His will. Sometimes He tells us before we ask. Sometimes He tells us whether we were going to ask or not. Regardless, when God speaks you’ll know. When God leads, you’d better follow.

Sometimes we don’t want to know God’s will because then we’ll have to do something we don’t like, or talk to people we’d rather avoid, or go places we would otherwise never go. But God will still make His call clear to us, even when we don’t like it.

Based on a hypothetical scenario mentioned by someone I know, I’ve made a story. Once there was a man who thought God was calling him to be a preacher. He didn’t really want to be a preacher, and he certainly didn’t feel qualified to be one. At the church he attended he had recently listened about Gideon putting out fleece to be sure of God’s will in Judges 6:36-40. So the man went out and bought some fleece. He put it in a bucket, filled the bucket with water, and said, “God, in the morning when I get up, if the fleece is on fire I’ll know you’re calling me to be a preacher.” Then he put the bucket outside. When he came inside his wife asked what he was doing. He explained, and she said, “I think you already know that God is calling you.” To which the man responded, “No, I don’t know. That’s why I put out the fleece.” His wife looked at him and said, “Then why did you put the bucket so far away from the house?” The man replied, “Oh, I did that so the house doesn’t catch fire.”