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Prompted by a devotional yesterday.

When a child hears their mom or dad tell them to clean their room, the child may treat cleaning their room as a nice option to consider. But it isn’t really just an option or a good choice. As a child when you have been told to clean your room and you don’t what you were told, you are disobeying. Even if you did everything else you were supposed to do.

This carries much more weight when it applies to your relationship with God. You get to be friends with and the child of the God of the whole universe! You get to talk with and listen to the very God who created everything you know and everything you don’t! This is a beautiful privilege!

And with great privilege comes great responsibility! When you ask God to hear His voice, you are asking Him to more directly tell you what He wants. Which means that when you are privileged with hearing God’s voice, you have the responsibility to align yourself exactly with what He said.

Even if someone else doesn’t like it. Even if you don’t like it.

God loves you. So when He speaks to you He isn’t merely giving you good advice. He is giving you something to live by, something around which to shape your life. God is letting you know what He thinks and what He wants!