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We’re getting to more armor pieces! The kiddos learned about the Breastplate of Righteousness last night, and the ladies are learning about it today!

But let’s talk about how heavy armor is. If you want strong armor, it needs to be heavy armor. You’ll need multiple pieces to protect the different places of your body. Let’s not forget about the weapons and the shield. Once you start putting on all the pieces, everything starts getting heavier and heavier. But you don’t have to carry it by yourself. You can’t if you try. The strength to support all this equipment comes from God. You get this strength through prayer, a relationship with God, and studying His Truth.

So while this armor is pretty hefty, it is easy to wear when you’re marching with the Commander and following His orders. If the armor starts feeling heavy, go to the Commander for some strength. Strength can come through strength training, strengthening food, or both. But I’m not going to put God in a box; He can give you strength however He wants to!

Always go to God. He will surprise you with His strengthening methods, and teach you how to use your spiritual muscles, armor, and weapons.