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Let’s start by remembering that salvation isn’t just something you get and then get over. Yes, it is about a one time justification, but it is also about the process of becoming who you are in Christ. Salvation is being rescued from bondage to sin, and set free to live out what your salvation looks like. Take a look at Romans 5:9-10 and James 1:21 & 2:17-18.

So now let’s talk about helmets. They are made to protect your head. But a helmet won’t do any protecting unless you put it on.

The Helmet of Salvation is to protect your mind from Satan’s attacks. In the ladies’ Bible study we learned that what your brain is to your body, your mind is to your soul. If your brain is not healthy, it will mess up the rest of your body no matter how healthy the rest of your body is. If the thoughts in your mind aren’t healthy, nothing else will be either. In fact, to an extent you can control your own physical brain structure with your mind. What you decide to think about and dwell on will affect what kind of neurological pathways your brain will construct. Go look it up, it’s rather fascinating.

Basically, what you do inside your mind will be what you do outside of it (Proverbs 4:23 & 23:7a; Luke 6:45). What you fill a thing with is what you will get out of it.

So what gets into your head? What does your head get into? Are you wearing your helmet?