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I want to share some of what I learned in the morning sermon yesterday!

God wrote two books that tell you about the truth of His existence: the Bible and creation. They both agree with each other, and they are both designed to point you to knowing that God does exist. But there are some things you cannot know unless you diligently search for them.

In Proverbs 25:2, we learn that God gets glory by concealing some matters or truths, and it is good for the wise to search them out. While God doesn’t tell us everything, He tells us enough. While He does not reveal everything, He does want us to go looking for some of His secrets.

God likes to play hide and seek with us, leaving clues for us to find that lead us closer to Him! He makes it hard to find things, forcing us to look and find them for ourselves. But there is a particular reward for those who seek the truth revealed in creation and in the Bible!

God wants you to use your mind! God wants you to pursue, to purposefully learn more about Him and get closer to Him. God has hidden things on purpose so that you get to find them, but you need to look! When you look, God will give you light to follow that leads you closer and straight to Him!

God has hidden things in creation, special “Easter eggs” if you will, for us to find and discover. There are countless new things that we have yet to find about our world and the space beyond it!

But don’t neglect to study the Bible (2 Timothy 2:15)! The Bible is a book that requires study. God has hidden so much for Christians to discover, but most believers won’t study the Bible, or even read it!

Truth isn’t a principle. Truth is a person, Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

Once you find the truth, you must obey it.

God is the source and custodian of all truth. God has some truth that He has hidden for the purpose of it being sought out and searched for!

So pursue the truth. Seek it diligently. Ask God questions. Play His game of hide and seek. Go on a glorious adventure!