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God is infinite and perfect. He is ultimate good and never changes, or He would cease to be perfect God. He is greater than even the wildest and most creative imagination can picture and fathom. If you were to see God face to face, you would die from the overwhelming glory. If you have God to where you completely understand Him, you don’t have much of a God.

When you realize how big and how great God is, it becomes easier to trust Him. When you worry about something or try to handle it yourself, you are saying that you don’t think God is big enough or strong enough.

How big is God to you?

God is supreme and sovereign. God made – created – everything. God owns everything and controls everything. God can literally do anything that He wants. God is extremely dangerous.

But God is also loving. God is the source of all unconditional love. God is good. God is ultimate good with absolutely no hint of evil or malicious intent.

God is like a mighty warrior who never loses His edge, energy, strength, or prowess. With only a glance God could destroy the universe. But He holds it together because He is God.

God is everlastingly and infinitely strong. God is everlastingly and infinitely loving. God is more than I can describe in a multitude of blog posts.

How big is God to you?